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ARCedtech is a startup with the mission to make education meaningful and transformative through innovative products that will make our young learners kind, ethical and globally responsible citizens of the world. We are the ARC that completes the circle of learning by providing holistic education solutions.

At ARCedtech, we believe that the main purpose of education is to make better human beings. This can be achieved by focusing on co-scholastic learning in a structured manner. We have the perfect solutions to enable this. We are working tirelessly to build an entire learning eco-system with concepts like Byte sized learning, games, enhanced e-books, LMS, quizzes, chatbots, and adaptive learning. The topics which we plan to cover include SDGs, Global citizenship, Socio emotional learning, and future ready skills.


Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) is vital for achieving the 2030 Goals. There is an international consensus that ESD should be (embedded in the curriculum, not (taught] as a separate subject' (UNESCO). Be the Change is based on the principle that embedding and integration are necessary to the concept of education ‘for' sustainable development, which is more impactful than education ‘about sustainable development. Here at DPS Greater Faridabad, children are introduced to the UN's 17 SDGs which are our world's call to action on the most pressing global challenges; so that it can build empathy and compassion in children by making them understand the challenges faced by different communities in the world. With activities and worksheets designed by “Be the Change” authors we can equip children with the information and skills they need to grow up to be active global citizens and responsible stewards of the planet. The hands-on worksheets are very important tool in igniting a sense of responsibility amongst the future citizens. These books give students the platform to freely discuss their honest thoughts and many creative ideas openly without any restrictions.


I was privileged to participate in a workshop on Education for Sustainable Development conducted by ARCedtech, as a teacher of Garden High School, Kolkata. I believe that children need to be active participants in the world that they live in. When children learn about the SDGs, it helps them develop insights into the various issues around the world. They learn empathy, compassion, and grow to be responsible and engaged adults. It was a very interesting session packed with information on how to integrate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in our classrooms. The activities and exercises discussed are relevant and can be easily conducted in a classroom environment. The lessons are clear and systematic and all students at any grade level can learn about SDGs in age-appropriate ways. Not only did I gain information about SDGs, but I also gained understanding and confidence to teach students about its importance and relevance in their lives.

SUNITA BHAT Garden High School, Kolkata

Eradicating poverty in all its forms remains one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. The children of Grades 4 and 5 discussed difference between NEEDS and WANTS through fun activities. They were made to think that everyone has their basic needs but there are many people who are deprived of their basic needs. There is no country that is not experiencing the drastic effects of climate change. Global warming is causing long-lasting changes to our climate system, which threatens irreversible consequences if we do not act. Students of Grades 4 and 5 discussed and shared many ideas to help stop climate change. Students exuberantly participated in both the activities.


It's very important for the students to learn about SDGs such as those about poverty, hunger, and high-quality education, they begin to understand the unique challenges faced by the communities all over the world that they may not have known about before. As the students understand the concepts better through activities and these concepts are strengthened through discussions, so the book that is introduced in our curriculum completes the requirement. It opens minds to the various challenges confronted by the human beings in today’s world. The subject wise topics will definitely spread awareness among our students about the important role that they must play to change the prevailing conditions on this planet.


The topics are thought provoking and a must to be discussed at these levels so as to develop responsible citizens towards the society. The integration of Math with various situations is commendable.


Be The Change book is based on the “The Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs). This book explains how we can protect our planet so that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. This book explores all the Sustainable Development Goals with young children and each SDG is explained with very innovative activities. Children take interest and understand their responsibility towards our environment. The book includes learning games, projects and hands-on experiments to understand each SDG very well. This book is to inspire a hopeful, positive outlook on our world and encourage children to make a positive contribution to their community. Through Be the Change book, Children are being sensitised towards various issues in relation to SDG s. They are becoming more aware and gaining valuable information. Also as they brainstorm on various issues, they think more deeper about the problems, they come up with many creative solutions.


The programme "Be the Change’ is a very interactive and creative platform to propel the young students to think and live sustainably. The students are educated about these universal goals that find credence in applicability at all levels. The interesting activities designed in the book empower the student to "BE THE CHANGE HIMSELF/ HERSELF" and bring about a change in the society and environment. The illustrations, infographics and the other material provided in the book gives a real picture of the gravity of the underlying issues that need immediate action. The students feel sensitized and are moved from within to take an action in the right direction. The brainstorming sessions during the activities bring forward interesting and innovative ideas to tackle the world issues. Overall it's a delight as a teacher to undertake these activities and contribute towards a stronger, more sustainable nation by not only igniting the young minds of the future leaders but also by practicing these small steps towards sustainability everyday.


Students showed good interest in putting their views forward as well as understand the technicality of the subject. The data was asked to be represented in the form of Pie Graph (VIII) and students did really well. They learnt to read data from an Infographic. A well framed program indeed!


Students have wholeheartedly involved themselves in the activity and have come up with creative ideas and their perspective of the same.


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    Anit has over two decades of international business experience in over six countries with brand names like Coca-Cola, FedEx, Essel Group and HCL Technologies, during which he has driven long-term business growth for the companies and their clients.

    Email : anit@arcedtech.com


    Ritu Malhotra

    Ritu has over two decades of experience in education and publishing. She has been associated with institutions and organizations such as Heritage Xperiential Learning School Gurugram, Step By Step School Noida and Oxford University Press.

    Email : ritu@arcedtech.com

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